For so long our journey into Liberty Square has veered into a tiny walkway funnel but soon Disney is going to give us an all-new option.

Fantasyland Walkway Project Wall Gets Pushed Back, Peter Pan Queue Gets First Adjustment

We are talking Fantasyland today and dare I say we are not even talking about New Fantasyland (though if you are looking for New Fantasyland we’ve got you covered).  No we are talking something much smaller in scale yet of grand importance.  We are talking about the cleared earth where the old Fantasyland Skyway attraction used to be and where soon a beautiful pathway shall connect Liberty Square and Fantasyland in a much more seamless manner than the current funnel.  But the project is more than just a path, for there have been rumors that the bathrooms next to the Peter Pan queue will be moved to this new space as well.  The reason the latter is important is because Peter Pan is rumored to receive a next-gen interactive queue that would extend into the existing bathroom area.  And just last weekend we snapped photos of the newly unveiled wheelchair ramp in Peter Pan that may signal of things to come.  If you are like me and have to see things for yourself then join us after the break for photos of course.