And you thought we were done with amazing views of Expedition Everest! Ha! Think Again! :)

Animal Kingdom Comes To Life At Night: D23’s Magic & Merriment 2011 – Part 13

Since the moment Disney’s Animal Kingdom arrived at Walt Disney World, there was something different to anyone who walked into this park.  Sure the cynic might say, a lack of rides and attractions and that is quite true even today but what I and many others saw was a Disney park that transported you to another world in a way that other Disney parks have always aimed to do but never quite achieved in this way with of course the obvious exceptions.  And yet this world that we are being transported to is based on our own world, our own human realities with the trials and tribulations that we face and that other animals face during their existence.  A dream come true can still be experienced here but somehow feels more practical, more earthly, more alive.  And so on this final night of D23’s Magic & Merriment we are taken into this world for one incredible journey when the park is at its dreamy best.  Animal Kingdom at night awaits you and it is a thrilling adventure. Join us.