Da Mouse’s New Fantasyland Pages Updated with New Stylings, News & More!

There is little doubt about the excitement building for the opening of New Fantasyland.  And while our wait will continue for a majority of the new attractions, in less than a month we will get our first glimpse into the Storybook Circus mini-land that is part of the overall New Fantasyland expansion project.  But of course, here at Da Mouse you have shared alongside us in an incredible experience of the construction of New Fantasyland.  We have delivered this experience with incredible photos, jovial commentary and more.  Still, even with all this we knew that there was the potential to tell the story of New Fantasyland in new and incredible ways, that would both educate and entertain, provide quick at-a-glance information as well as report the latest news and updates in unique ways.  And that is precisely why we created the New Fantasyland Hub Pages, so that they could provide you with the ultimate experience of New Fantasyland from concept to reality!

Today, we are inviting you once again, to step in through our New Fantasyland portal and discover the updated Da Mouse New Fantasyland pages with their new stylings, information, news and more.


The ultimate experience of New Fantasyland from concept to reality. 



Step inside the New Fantasyland Hub page and you will find Da Mouse’s vision into the New Fantasyland world.  Upon entering you will be greeted with an enhanced version of the New Fantasyland Concept Art that you can interact with by clicking directly on different areas of the concept art to learn more about your favorite upcoming attractions. From Enchanted Tales with Belle to Pete’s Silly Sideshow, every attraction has a stunning landing page filled with story, fun facts, the latest news and more.

Yet above all else, this page is always evolving with new resources and in-depth features by Da Mouse all the time.  We encourage you to check this space often, especially as the updates begin to roll in at an elevated pace around the phased openings of New Fantasyland.

The New Fantasyland Hub Pages are Da Mouse’s vision into the New Fantasyland world.

For so long Fantasyland has been contained within Cinderella’s Castle courtyard but soon that all changes.  For as we pass the monumental castle walls and step into the fantasy-filled forest of New Fantasyland we shall encounter some of the richest stories Disney has ever told.  So when Da Mouse set out to bring the news story of the New Fantasyland construction to life, we made sure it brought the whimsical and dreamy nature that New Fantasyland will be, right here and now to you.

The attraction pages are not just numbers and facts but rather tell a story and put you inside the attractions of New Fantasyland even before they are open to the public.  Find a news story you you want to read more about?  Just click on the provided thumbnail and you’ll be linked right to it.  Want to know more about an attraction?  Our pages now include a “Features” section that provide you with tidbits filled with interesting facts and nuances that will make each New Fantasyland attraction unique.

We made sure it brought the whimsical and dreamy nature that New Fantasyland will be, right here and now to you.  

Our New Fantasyland Attractions Pages are a place for discovery and fun.  They carry on the simple and clean look of the rest of our site and we think you’ll find them a joy to visit regularly for the latest news and featured posts related to the specific attraction page you are on.

As simple as the title conveys, our New Fantasyland Opening Timeline gives you a very easy way to keep up with the latest confirmed timeline of when attractions in New Fantasyland will make their debut.  This page will be updated constantly as new information comes along.  And just to make things just that much clearer, the phased openings are color-coded so that as you venture throughout our New Fantasyland Opening Timeline and the corresponding attraction pages you’ll have an easy way of spotting and remembering what attractions should be open on your next visit to the Magic Kingdom.

There are tons of places to check out on Da Mouse for Simple Disney Fun.  You can visit our blog for our latest posts, click on our featured stories for the headlines, join us in our growing community to express yourself and make your Disney fan voice heard.  But if your heart beats for New Fantasyland like ours does then you’ll want to make sure your eyes watch this space.  When you click on Concept to Reality Da Mouse will take you from the drawing boards of Walt Disney Imagineering on through to the completed attractions so that you can engage in the entire process of this massive project like never before.  While we’ve only begun to show what we have planned for this space, we think you’ll find what we are ready to share today truly magical.

We have created a photosynth with over 130 photos of the New Fantasyland model that allows you to take a 3D tour around the model for yourself and see New Fantasyland from nearly every angle.  It is a unique and grand experience that you’ll only find on Da Mouse.  Make sure to zoom the photosynth into the full-screen-mode and have fun exploring this new fantastic world Disney has dreamed up.

It is a unique and grand experience that you’ll only find on Da Mouse.

Click Here for the New Fantasyland Hub!


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