Big Thunder Mountain Railroad March Construction Update Shows Portions of Completed Track

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is one of Magic Kingdom’s signature attractions and there is little doubt that many are saddened when they find out that their favorite attraction is closed for refurbishment during their vacation.  While I certainly know the latter feeling, I can’t help but be excited about this attraction’s refurbishment.  For one, it sure needed it as several of the attraction’s props and effects were showing the signs of wear and tear, while others simply weren’t functional.  Now, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is receiving tons of attention from the entrance rock-work and roofs all the way into the roller coaster’s numerous caverns.  Lots of work has gone into repairing the track, especially on the twists and turns and some portions in this latest update are now completed.  But enough talkin’ it is time for you to see this wild ride’s latest construction progress for yourself.