Minecraft Fan Brings The Magic Kingdom To Life With Blocks, Epcot Soon To Follow!

If there is something special about Disney that we love to celebrate here on Da Mouse, it is the power of the Disney community.  They are passionate, loving and most of all talented.  Today we have yet another example of the latter as David Wasman has recreated the Magic Kingdom within the world of blocks otherwise known as the gaming title Minecraft!  Such an amazing feat, that we almost shouldn’t continue with this post so as to let that simmer in your minds for a second.  It took Wassman and a team of 25 castmembers, 4 months to create the Magic Kingdom in Minecraft with attractions you can visit and even ride!  We are talking Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and even the Haunted Mansion!  But of course it doesn’t end there.  Wassman has posted on YouTube and on Reddit that he is currently in development of Epcot and then the rest of Walt Disney World’s theme parks!  Best of all, he has made the Minecraft Magic Kingdom map available to download for free.  Whether you can’t wait to explore the Magic Kingdom in its Minecraft glory or are still trying to figure out what Minecraft is, don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

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What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an open-world sand box game which allows you to create nearly anything you can imagine with virtual blocks.  Of course gaining the ability, skills and resources to build everything your heart desires is part of the challenge and can be quite tedious though fans of the game feel this “right of passage” makes the game even more special.

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How can I play?

If you want to play within Wassman’s Magic Kingdom recreation, you will need to download the map and have access to a Minecraft account.The game is available for purchase at Minecraft.net for $26.95 and it can be played either through a downloadable version on your computer or online in your browser. Minecaft Store

We’ll have more from this project in the coming days…

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Source:  Reddit

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