Latest April 2012 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Refurbishment Update Reveals Rejuvenated Roller Coaster Track

We could hardly be any more excited for New Fantasyland and all the magical wonders and Disney details that are appearing before our very eyes.  But off in the distance, in the frontier you might say, lies dormant a thunderous mountain with its rolling hills and rocky caverns and we can’t wait to take a joy-filled ride on the rejuvenated Disney classic, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  And with an expected re-opening date set for May 28, 2012 it won’t be much longer ’til we get to see just how much smoother the track will feel and how fresh the experience will be both in the queue and during the wilderness adventure itself.  So join us after the jump as we show you every nook of this ride under refurbishment, every marvelous repainted section of track and every reason why we can’t wait to board this runaway mine train once more.

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