Tech Mouse Thursdays: Disney Uses Digital Immersive Showroom “The Dish” To Help Design New Attractions

If you are one of those people still wondering what ever happened to Disney’s CAVE Technology, well Disney has provided a behind the scenes look at what happened to the almost mythical tech.  Once purported to be coming to Disney parks as a replacement to the Great Movie ride amongst the other glorious rumors it has now morphed into what Disney calls the Digital Immersive Showroom or “the Dish.”  What is amazing about this tech, is that it allows Disney Imagineers to step inside a 3D virtual world that they create and feel totally immersed as the head-tracking units follow and adjust the picture to give the perfect sense of direction and depth to the image.  In the video below you can see how Imagineers used this technology to preview the experience of someone boarding the Finding Nemo Subs in Disneyland and now to preview the guest experiences of the upcoming Cars Land and presumably New Fantasyland though the latter isn’t shown on the video.  It is always exciting to see Disney using innovative technologies to improve their product and this is certainly an incredible tool for that end.  So what do you think about the Digital Immersive Showroom?  Make sure to add to the conversation in the comments below.

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