Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Invites Families To Star In Favorite Disney Movie Memories – Part 4

The Finding Nemo wing of Disney’s Art of Animation resort is a perfectly themed fit for the main pool area of the resort but if something caught my attention during my visit to Disney’s Art of Animation resort it would have to be the Cars wing.  As you stare down the main valley of the Cars wing of the resort, you can’t help but to feel as if this is more like a theme park experience than a hotel and that is a great feeling.  You are immediately taken to a page right out of the Cars movie story with the Cozy Cone Motel, the famous leaning tower of tires and all the fantastic Cars characters including Tow Mater himself.  It really is something and of course there are photos to tell the story better than words ever could.  No time to waste, head on past the break.

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