Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Invites Families To Star In Favorite Disney Movie Memories

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort takes the Disney Value Resort experience to an all-new height as guests are invited to share in a family adventure amongst both classic and modern Disney tales.  The decor has been designed from fit to finish to be stunning with touches of artwork everywhere that are beautiful, inspirational and add a sense of wonder and Disney magic at a level that isn’t as concrete in the previous value resorts.  The story and the narrative of the hotel places you as the star of your favorite movies and that is truly the core of how this hotel comes together as you experience it.  Never has a value resort, really surrounded you with gripping thematic story that blurs the line of theme park and hotel.  From the drawing boards of the lobby to your family suite adventure with innovative space saving concepts, you are truly immersed and it allows you to create your own Disney story on your vacation.  Join us after the break for a grand photo series of this latest Disney hotel.

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