Not only has the Test Track ride signage been removed but so have the scrims that normally cover the white steel framing nearby.

Test Track Old Ride Signage Removed To Make Way For New Logo Design

We recently visited Test Track where a major refurbishment is underway that will see everything from the queue and post-show to the actual ride experience itself change into a virtual design world theme.  Placing you as a designer of your very own SimCar guests will travel with their vehicle into a digital design world and experience first hand the abilities of the vehicles they have created.  While we must rely on the concept art previews to gauge what the interior of Test Track might look like we can already see that work is being done to gut the old attraction.  The most visible sign of this is that Test Track’s old ride signage has been completely removed in order to make way for the all-new logo that shall enter in its place at some point in the future.  To take a peak at the construction work going on at Epcot’s Test Track make sure to click past the break.

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