If in a pinch, I could see somebody purchasing these but it makes sense to hold off as we were told that new similar folders were in development with official Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom branding.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Merchandise Update: Spell Card Collectors Have Branded Folders Coming Their Way

If you caught our inaugural podcast episode you’d know that we recently played another round of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  In doing so it is apparent that a specialized fan community has built itself up around the card based interactive game.  Most interestingly, you can regularly see guests using folders bought at your local Walmart amongst other retailers to store their growing card collections, a void that Disney curiously has been late to fill.  After speaking with the Imagineers in charge of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, I was given a chuckle and wink that I’d be seeing merchandise arriving at the Magic Kingdom soon.  So the very next day, walking in to pick up my spell cards and there they are, the first temporary card folders for sale at the Magic Kingdom.  In speaking with the cast member, I was told that these were on sale for $45.95 and included five card holding inserts.  But the best part is that the cast member confirmed the Imagineers wink and nod by telling me that indeed, official branded Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom folders should make their debut rather soon.  From what I hear these folders will be similar to what we are seeing on display but instead boast an official Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom logo.  Although I know anything with the Sorcerers logo will be popular, I’m hopeful that these items might be a little more well thought out and its one of those things where we will have to wait and see.  Of course Da Mouse will continue to update you on everything Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom but ’til then make sure to head past the break for a better look at the current folders.