This little guy really is something!

The Sunshine Tree Terrace Now A Refreshing Experience At The Magic Kingdom

When Disney announced the return of the almost mythical Orange Bird to the Magic Kingdom, I knew I would make my way to the Sunshine Tree Terrace.  What I couldn’t have expected is that I’d be moved by the experience.  Sure I know the history but I’ve never been accused of having a great memory and the charming little Orange Bird always seemed cute enough to me but only on the periphery.  I had never been able to enjoy his wonder and smile until the creation of this new memory and it was one that I’ll never forget.

Disney is my escape as it is for many of  you but it is my nature to analyze everything down to its core and at its core the Sunshine Tree Terrace received nothing more than a refurbishment.  But sometimes even the analytical mind must realize there is something more going on, that the feeling of joy that now exudes from this place is worthy of the emotions it brings about.  The new Sunshine Tree Terrace is a place of character, charm and above all else, joy.  The bright colors call your eyes, the smile from the little Orange Bird himself welcomes you home and the faces of happiness and wonder of the other guests, who are instantly transported to a simpler time when they receive their citrus swirl and Orange Bird cup, speaks of something more than just refreshment.  Simple Disney fun?  Perhaps but I actually think it is something more grand, because my time was almost magical at this spot in Adventureland.

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