The Sunshine Tree Terrace Now A Refreshing Experience At The Magic Kingdom – Part 2

With so many things to see and do at the Magic Kingdom, you’d normally think almost nothing of a visit to what at its core is nothing more than a food and beverage station.  But the magic of Disney isn’t just for pirates and princesses or found only in attractions that thrill us into awe by sheer force and excitement.  For the secret of Disney magic is that it is unique to the person who is creating the memories that will last forever.  And sometimes that happens in the last place you’d ever think it would.  The Sunshine Tree Terrace is now just that place where character and charm unite with simple edible delight and refreshment for what could turn a simple moment in your Disney day into something quite more, something unforgettable.

Suddenly, the sight of the unexplainably contagious smile of the Orange Bird, has caused a smile to appear on your face.  You can’t help but wonder how an inanimate character could do this but you feel too much joy to question it.  Before long you are awaiting your very own Citrus Swirl indulgence and the sight of others experiencing the same moment you are about to only heightens the anticipation.  The first glance of the neatly overflowing swirl brings out the best in us, because we are always our best when we feel joy.  And simple Disney fun is the magic of Disney and pure joy is the soul of it all.  It is the kind of soul you will find at what otherwise would be known as a food and beverage station but through the magic of Disney is something much greater.  It is the Sunshine Tree Terrace and it is great to have it back.