But now onto the star of Part 1 of this update, Dueling Dumbos is now far more than just a drawing or a dream. It is impossibly fun to imagine just how beautiful this is going to look when both are open and spinning through the air!

May 2012 New Fantasyland Construction Update – Part 1: Dueling Dumbos Are Now Part Of The Magic Kingdom

Imagine a world where mine train steel rises into the sky, where pachyderms multiply and enchanting adventures aren’t just the way things are supposed to be but rather a dreamy and magical reality.  Ok now that you are done dreaming about the next Da Mouse New Fantasyland Update 😉 we are ready to show you that world.  If you thought you had seen New Fantasyland before, then you’d better get ready for this update because it has a little bit of everything to warm your Disney fan heart.  The entrance to New Fantasyland is just a magical click away, oh and do be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you see and think of our photos and of course all of the amazing work going on in the New Fantasyland expansion.

Click Here For Part 2!

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