...still the waiting for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster has just begun.

Latest New Fantasyland Construction Update – Part 2

When New Fantasyland is complete it will be easy to find things so amazing and enchanting that they will make memories that will last a lifetime.  But to truly appreciate New Fantasyland and what it becomes you must see where it came from and just how much effort it takes to turn a collection of spirited ideas into real-world fantasy.  No doubt the grassy hillsides of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster will look impressive on their own right when complete but only true fans will know what the mountain is truly made of.  When you visit New Fantasyland for the first time you will no doubt have a more heightened experience of it than most because you will have a strong subconscious feeling of history attached to the spectacular and nearly surreal visuals that will be before you.  It is an appreciation that you’ll carry with you as you enter New Fantasyland knowing that greatness didn’t just arrive at the Magic Kingdom, it was forged from intellect and hard work by those looking to make dreams a daily reality.

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