...soon this steel structure will be a lava filled volcano!

Downtown Disney’s Rainforest Cafe Refurbishment Continues As New Volcano Steel Rises

Some areas of Downtown Disney are very much in flux at the moment but other projects are moving at a rapid pace to breathe new life into Disney’s shopping, dining and entertainment district.  Rainforest Cafe’s refurbishment hopes to play a role in the revitalization by reinvigorating the aesthetic appeal of its restaurant along with adding a lounge area aptly named the “Lava Lounge.”  In our previous update we showed you the concept art of what looks to be a much more explosive volcano, complete with eruptions and lava flows that are hopefully much like the other new Rainforest Cafe volcanoes around the United States.  Join us as we take a look at the construction progress which has already unveiled a refurbished Rainforest Cafe sign, new “rock work” and of course the volcano steel.