Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Roars Back To Life After Lengthy Refurbishment – Part 18

Big Thunder Mountain is a marvelous site no matter the time of day but in this photo series, we not only wanted to show the details of what has changed at the attraction but also honor that which has always been there right before our eyes.  When we see Thunder Mountain we see a living structure that changes in moods as the day goes by and as the mood of guests changes throughout the day.  When you arrive in the morning, the Mountain is calm but ready to provide a morning jolt that coffee never could.  At Noon, as your senses become more aware of your surroundings the Mountain is seemingly at its perfect state with the Sun beaming down on its artificial arid landscape.  In the afternoon as guests are often feeling a little bit lethargic after a long day at the Magic Kingdom, Thunder Mountain soothes with vistas of a mountain piercing into the sunset.  And as night rolls in and guests that are looking for a real mining adventure return for a second visit of the attraction, they a find a mountain as mysterious as ever yet willing to tell its tale.  See the spirit of Big Thunder lives within us and is reflected on its rocky sides, day or night, whether we are wide awake or just waking to the day it is ready to shoulder our perspective and turn it into a fantastic dream filled with runaway mine trains, great floods, boneyards and of course a living mountain.

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