Disney Previews Dumbo the Flying Elephant’s Interactive Queue

The New Fantasyland updates continue and this time it is from the Walt Disney Company itself as the official Disney Parks Blog has today given Disney fans a sneak peek inside Dumbo the Flying Elephant’s interactive queue.  As we’ve mentioned in previous updates this queue stands to revolutionize waiting for Dumbo the Flying Elephant by introducing a ride reservation system that will function much like your neighborhood restaurant with a pager themed to a circus ticket.  Guests will hold onto their ticket allowing the younger ones in your party to play within the interactive queue while the adults in the group play alongside or take a much needed break from the action until their pager notifies them that it is time to board.  All of this in cool air conditioning away from the humid Florida heat.

Dumbo The Flying Elephant Interactive Queue (Copyright 2012 The Walt Disney Company)

The pictures released today show off tons of circus theming and a large playground type space.  I had been told that there was a second floor and I believe in the first image we can see access through stairs to even more interactive features.  Overall this will be a much welcomed addition once it debuts in July 2012 along with the second Dumbo carousel although I hope it looks better in person than it does in these initial release photos.  We would love to know what you think about this first look at Dumbo’s indoor queue, so make sure to let us know in the comments below!

  Source: Disney Parks Blog