[Updated with Video] Zebra Savannah Under Construction at Kilimanjaro Safaris, Poaching Storyline Removed From Ride

Jambo everyone! Are you ready for another major update from Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Very well then.  Today we are taking you deep into the wilds of Africa in Kilimanjaro Safaris where substantial changes are underway to the attraction.  Remember good ol’ Wilson Matua protector of animal Life on the reserve?  Well he is no longer featured at all on the ride portion of the attraction and can only still be seen on the pre-show videos that still feature the poaching message.  Though one has to think they are going to replace those videos eventually to fit the new storyline.  

Kilimanjaro Safaris’ new storyline, well isn’t much of a storyline at all.   This can lead to some very good and some very poor experiences on the attraction. Enjoyment of Kilimanjaro Safaris like before but also like never before is going to depend on the greatness exhibited by your driver in delivering the more animal conservationist message that is now predominant on the ride.

During your ride, drivers are now sure to mention the upcoming changes to Kilimanjaro Safaris’ finale that will replace the poachers scene and the saving of the infamous “Little Red,”  in favor of a Zebra-filled-Savannah.  Lots of work is already visible in the attraction and in our photos below and we had sort of assumed this experience would debut sometime this fall.  Though in speaking with some cast members we get the feeling this timetable may be more up in the air and they mentioned concerns over the length of time the Zebras may need to get acclimated to the ride vehicles being present amongst other issues.  We’ll share more of our thoughts when we post our video of the current adapted ride experience but for now check out the photos below and share your thoughts with us on all the happenings at Kilimanjaro Safaris.