Ornament Valley looks impressive by itself but it is the scale of this rock work (along with the forced perspective) that really takes one aback.

Step Inside Radiator Springs At Cars Land In Disney California Adventure

With so much said, seen and heard about everything coming to Disney California Adventure, you’d think it would be difficult to be mesmerized by anything you could come upon during your first visit.  But instead Cars Land delivers an experience that leaps beyond what most Disney attractions could ever hope to offer in immersion by themselves with the use of an entire land devoted to one theme, one idea, Cars!  What you find is amazement at every turn because every vista is more impressive than the last.  What your hear is pleasing, amusing and down-right fun tunes created just for Cars Land.  And what you’ll most undoubtedly say is nothing.  Well at least for a few seconds as your mind catches up to your smile and your words finally reach you.  From there words will follow and they will all mean the same thing despite their many variations.  They will all mean, “I’ve never seen anything like this.”  That is Cars Land and if you know anything about Da Mouse, you know that we are about to show you every special nook and detail we can find.  So join us and speed along into adventure.

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