They are smiling because they managed to pick up a good bit of steam on their way to ram our tire. Yes it is possible to go a bit faster than you'd think but you have to truly work together, lean just right and have enough room to pick up speed. Did I mention this ride is a ton of fun!

Step Inside Radiator Springs At Cars Land In Disney California Adventure – Part 3

Luigi’s Flying Tires is Simple Disney Fun at its best.  Sure it may not have the thrills of Radiator Springs Racers or even of the Tower of Terror which looms over Luigi’s Italian wonderland.  But what it captures is an undeniable feeling of pure joy that we get often by life’s most simple pleasures.  The first time, you ride Luigi’s flying tires and you arrive at the notion that you are actually floating on air, you immediately feel like a kid again, with the look of wonder and awe at the world around you.  The instant camaraderie that forms when sharing your tire with a friend or family member as you work to move your bodies in unison in order to bump other tire-goers, grab floating Italian flag inspired beach balls, or just to pick up speed and zoom along on Luigi’s finest tires,  is something you’ll treasure forever.  And then there is the beautiful, fun and dare we say romantic aura of playful music to accompany your time on the attraction.  It makes for a splendid time but we aren’t just here to talk about it from afar.  It is time for us to take flight!

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