I understand the excitement for Cars Land and I share it but for me the re-imagined DCA entrance is every bit as important for the long-term future of the park.

Buena Vista Street Transforms The Entrance To Disney California Adventure

Most guests will enter the new Disney California Adventure to find Cars Land and ride Radiator Springs Racers.  And with an attraction as amazing as Radiator Springs Racers is who could blame them.  But the surprise for many and in many ways of equal importance to the larger picture of Disney California Adventure is the newfound character of Buena Vista Street the new entryway for DCA.  Sure a few themed gift-shops and even a new park icon might not seem as grand as the epic nature of Cars Land and in truth it isn’t.  But what it is, a unifying storyline that brings the hodgepodge of Disney California Adventure together, can’t be understated.

Disney Parks are a place where stories take guests on a visual and emotional journey into places that are just believably real and yet as perfect as in our dreams.  Sadly the former entrance to Disney California Adventure never came close to realizing that potential and never gave guests the opportunity to attach themselves to the persona of the this park the way the new entrance will.  From the beautiful California inspired art deco buildings to the Red Car Trolley and the Carthay Circle Theater, Disney California Adventure now oozes theming, 1920’s charm and fun that teases the adventures to come.  It is both the welcoming party and kiss goodbye this park so desperately needed and now so beautifully adorns.  Buena Vista Street is no Cars Land but what it is, is special and will leave fans of Disney joyful upon setting their eyes on it.  We invite you to join us after the break and do just that.

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