If you're not looking, it's easy to miss the address plate of Club 33

An Exclusive Look Inside Disneyland’s Club 33

Named for its location on 33 Royal Street, Club 33 at Disneyland is one of the theme park’s best kept secrets and in fact, most walk by the entrance in New Orleans Square, not knowing the significance behind the door only marked by an address plate with the number “33” on it. Though for true Disney fans Club 33 isn’t so much a secret, as many know about the exclusive club though it keeps its aura of mystery through its exclusive nature. The appeal of Club 33 stems from the latter exclusive membership but also of the rich history of the location. Admission into the club is only available to those that carry the exclusive membership that also comes with a considerable price tag.

Luckily, there are times when the stars align and you meet someone that can get you into Club 33, and that is exactly what happened to me. Thanks to my friend, Alejandra, I got to dine in the lounge that Walt Disney himself imagined to be a place for VIPs to be entertained while they were in the park. Although Walt Disney never got to step foot into the club himself due to his death a few months prior to its opening, his presence and charm could be felt throughout the entire place. It’s my pleasure to share my experience in Disneyland’s Club 33.

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