The scrapes in the fiberglass vehicles have already created small tears on the Dumbo vehicles.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant’s Flaw Leads To Scraped Vehicles

Dumbo the Flying Elephant’s rebirth in Storybook Circus at the Magic Kingdom received tons of praise by many, our own review included, as a grand advancement of a classic Disney attraction with new elements that make for a pristine and joyful experience.  Of course every Storybook ending seems not to arrive without some adversity first and it seems Dumbo the Flying Elephant is beginning to experience just that.  The attraction that recently reopened to show off a beautifully ornate carousel now has large scrapes and gashes developing on the Dumbo ride vehicles.  It appears the clearances for the ride vehicles are too small between the perimeter of the new water pool walls and the hind legs of the fiberglass Dumbos.  The result is that after a month of operation Dumbo the Flying Elephant began to show clear signs of a slowly accruing problem.

Of course this type of occurrence leads one often to more questions than concrete answers though we will be reaching out to Disney for comment soon.  I can tell you that I have ridden the attraction several times since I first noticed these scrapes in mid-May and never noticed anything out of sort.  This seems to be a largely cosmetic issue and not something to raise safety alarms though we will certainly keep an eye on this situation and report anything we learn.

The next question that undoubtedly comes to mind, is did Disney notice the problems in time to make changes to the second Dumbo carousel’s water pool to avoid the same issues?  Another point we hope to get answered by Disney soon and that without a doubt time shall tell.

As you can see there is still much to know about what is going on at Dumbo the Flying Elephant which has the potential to partially tarnish what has until now been an incredible reopening of one of Magic Kingdom’s most endearing attractions.  We hope that in the end Disney can resolve these matters and that Dumbo the Flying Elephant indeed has its storybook ending that it deserves.

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