Who is ready to walk under these arches? I sense a ton of Instagram photos here in the near future.

July 2012 New Fantasyland Mega Update

Just months away from exciting New Fantasyland reveals, we mark July 4rth with an incredible firework extravaganza of updates that will include more than 300 photos, multiple videos and span over 16 updates!  Its been a few weeks since our last New Fantasyland update and in this case that is a good thing because the progress that has been made is clearly evident.  Not only did Saturday mark the official opening of the indoor queue at Dumbo the Flying Elephant but we also take a look at the Casey Jr. Splash “N” Soak Station that is now dousing guests in Storybook Circus.  But that of course is not all!  Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid has received its forest only this time we are talking a tropical wave of palm trees that really add depth and dimension to the already stunning rock work and the accompanying castle of non other than Prince Eric.  Oh and there is that Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster which has nearly tripled its footprint since we last saw it! So join us for yet another amazing New Fantasyland update, on a scale that only Da Mouse dares to even attempt.  It should be a grand time, let’s go.

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