July 2012 New Fantasyland Mega Update – Part 14

After touring the roundhouse water play area that was unveiled recently within Storybook Circus at the Magic Kingdom, it is now time to turn to the star of this show and of course that is Casey Jr. himself!  Naturally the most impressive piece of the train car assortment, (if you can see past the metal bar fence obstruction) Casey Jr. has a couple very neat features.  The first as you might have noticed above is that his eyes light up and he winks at onlooking guests.  But that isn’t as impressive as the water blast capabilities that Casey Jr. has developed for his Magic Kingdom attraction.  You see periodically Casey Jr. will countdown to a water blasting conclusion that leaves everyone nearby fittingly soaked.  But not to worry you will have fair warning as Casey Jr. begins to build up steam and starts off by shooting “steam” and other signs that the inevitable water fun is about to arrive.  See Casey Jr. right after the break and good luck trying to get his song out of your head.

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