July 2012 New Fantasyland Mega Update – Part 7

Remember those hour long waits for Dumbo the Flying Elephant, in the heat and humidity of a Florida summer day?  Thankfully those days are now well behind us and in its place we now step into the Big Top to take part alongside Dumbo in daring acrobatic performance.  Ok, so you won’t be exactly swinging on a trapeze but it is a nice place for the little ones in your group to burn off some steam and for you to grab a seat and relax in the conditioned space as you await your turn on Dumbo the Flying Elephant.  The addition of a second carousel goes further into alleviating the wait times and before you know it you have boarded your favorite pachyderm in less time than you ever thought possible.  Though Disney didn’t exactly invent the first reservation system, this implementation within a theme park queue is rather unique and it certainly enhances the experience of this attraction.  But enough talking, on to the photo-update!

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