Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Immerses Guests In World of Disney Characters

Here at Da Mouse we are fond of our enormous updates not because of their sheer scale but because without the amount of photos and details we point out how else could we truly share the stories we are trying to tell.  Disney magic isn’t something you see it is something you feel and translating that onto the web is a challenge one that at Da Mouse we take very seriously and are persistently working on.  With New Fantasyland’s Mega Update we took you into the world of New Fantasyland frankly like nowhere else and today we hope to do the same by delivering an incredible experience of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.  If you recall, we brought you a first look at the new Disney Value Resort prior to its opening but now we are back to venture into the Cars wing, explore the soon to be open Lion King and Little Mermaid wings as well as sample the dining and shopping experiences at the resort.  It is another mega (15-Part) update, with character from Da Mouse and characters by Disney that will certainly put you front and center in the dreamy artistic landscape of some of your favorite Disney films.  So come along with us for a theme park like experience at a Disney resort that in many ways is the first of its kind and imagine a world of art as it floats off the drawing board and into your life.

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