Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Immerses Guests In World of Disney Characters – Part 2

The art of a “value” resort is walking the fine line of providing a low-cost resort filled with premium feeling experiences.  Disney has previously attempted this with Disney’s All-Star & Pop Century Resorts by bringing larger than life character to the often traditionally boring idea that made for the typical value resort outside of Disney property.  One area where Disney was not as successful in delivering an enhanced experience can be seen at the Value Resort dining halls that feel too much like a typical mall food court.  It is loud, impersonal and feels more like a conveyor belt for dining than a place to relax and enjoy a quality meal.  Although the structure of Landscape of Flavors, the Disney’s Art of Animation Resort dining hall, is much in the vein of what you’d find at other Disney Value Resorts you’ll notice right as you walk in that the dining experience was truly taken into consideration and executed at a much higher level.

The result isn’t perfect but it is far more enjoyable in setting the tone for a great meal.  With soothing colors, more charming and appropriate lit spaces along with seating that is both accommodating for the number of guests that will populate the hall and yet manages to feel a bit richer than its predecessors in quality.  Of course the food had to match the decor and you’ll find some hits and perhaps a few misses but overall the food is leaps beyond what you find at your typical food fast Disney eatery.  It is an evolution sure but once you eat at Landscape of Flavors you will want Disney to evolve every other Value Resort to match and that in of itself is a success.  See it for yourself right after the break.

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