Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Immerses Guests In World of Disney Characters – Part 6

Pixar has continually developed intriguing stories that envelop their audiences into a dream world whether it be as a toy in Toy Story, a bug in a Bug’s Life or as a car in well, Cars.  And now this world has become a reality, at Disney California Adventure in an incredible animation-realistic theme park land and in a more modest but still very beautifully done hotel wing at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.  Our focus today is on the latter, though we know where you can find the former and what a special look and feel this hotel takes on.

During our first visit to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort we felt that the Cars Wing of the Resort truly blurred the lines between theme park and your Disney hotel in a fashion that had never quite been executed in this way.  Sure themed hotels are nothing new but the idea of placing you within your favorite Disney character movie moments is unique to this resort and once you walk through the vistas of Route 66 at   Disney’s Art of Animation you will immediately understand the difference.  From the move-size renditions of your favorite Cars character vehicles, to a Cozy Cone Motel that fits perfectly as a secondary pool area for the resort it is all larger than life and yet fits in quite nicely into the world of Cars as you remember it.  This hotel becomes a continuation of that story as much as it is an extension of the theme park and Disney experience and it results in something quite special for a Value Resort.  Of course we want you to see it for yourself, right after the break.

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