Disney is repairing the situation by placing this section of tiles at a slight angle that points away from the Dumbo ride vehicles.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant Repairs Underway To Prevent More Damage To Ride Vehicles

Last month we reported on the accruing damage that had formed on the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride vehicles in the form of scrapes to the paint and even small gashes to the fiberglass.  Mainly an aesthetic issue and not a safety concern, we hoped that Disney would promptly work to correct the situation as soon as the second Dumbo carousel was in operation.  And although we still don’t know when the ride vehicles themselves will be repaired, Disney has clearly stepped in to fix some of their workmanship on the Dumbo pool walls.  

The blue tiles on the pool walls, as we reported earlier had been causing some gradual damage on the Dumbo vehicles over the course of ride operation as the vehicles would graze the outer edges of the tiles.  The fix has seen Disney remove a section of tiles and place them at a slight angle pointing outwards and away from the Dumbo ride vehicles.  This should stop damage in the future and it seems the newly opened second Dumbo Carousel is not suffering from the same issues.  As always we’ll keep you up to date with this story and hope that its happy conclusion isn’t far away because Disney has truly done a wonderful job with this re-imagined Dumbo experience and it sets the bar high for what can be done to enhance a classic attraction.

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