Disney Announces New Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Inspired Trading Card Game Merchandise, Pin Set To Follow

Fans of those coveted Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom super-rare cards (61-70) from the relatively new Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom interactive attraction have a new, albeit more costly, way of adding them to their collection.  Disney has announced that come this August, a Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom inspired Trading Card Game will be available for purchase that includes a booster pack of cards and gameboard.  But of course the hook is that one of the spell cards included in the pack promises to be one of the super-rare spell cards.  Of course this is a mystery card and you won’t know which one you are receiving until after you opened your purchased pack, leaving you the option to trade with other collectors or continue to purchase packs until you collect them all.  But that isn’t the only mystery purchasing that will be available for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom this year.  Disney also plans to introduce a mystery pin set which you can see for yourself by visiting the source link below.  We all knew that a product announcement in this vein would come at some point and here it is.  Still, for the many die-hard Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom fans out there or trading card game lovers, this will surely be something to save your pennies for.


Source:  Disney Parks Blog