New Fantasyland August 2012 Construction Update

New Fantasyland is just a couple of months away from its Cast Member and Passholder Previews with soft openings and the grand opening to follow.  So naturally we are moving quickly to a state of completion that brings with it some amazing visuals as more and more areas begin to resemble New Fantasyland’s concept artwork.  Whether it is the castle wall spires making their glorious appearance, or freshly planted grass now overtaking the rocky coves of Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid, it is the numerous details that will really make New Fantasyland special in the minds of those that have the opportunity to visit.

It has been a fantastic journey following the New Fantasyland project from concept to reality here on Da Mouse. We are blessed to be able to share the experience, the joy, the anticipation and the myriad of other emotions that run through a Disney and Da Mouse fan as a dream like this becomes evermore concrete.  So when we show a changing fantastic world at the Magic Kingdom, moving from steel and concrete to visions of Disney lore come to life, it  is more than just a snapshot of time, it is a shared endeavor that we all in our own way add to.  Whether you’ve left a comment on a New Fantasyland post, or posted a lamp pole within New Fantasyland there is no denying your involvement in something greater than the sum of its parts.  And it is with all this in mind that we bring you our latest round of New Fantasyland imagery and we hope you enjoy.

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