Lion King Wing Roars To Life at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

The Lion King.  Nothing can quite follow those words and not seem inferior, for that movie has truly moved millions across the globe with its deep rooted meaning and flair for fun and family.  Nonetheless, this special telling of the circle of life continues to expand and reaches more and more people every day.  The latest iteration of this Disney tale has now appeared at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort where the classic movie is brought to life, with unforgettable scenes such as Pride Rock and the Elephant Graveyard and the timeless characters Mufasa, Simba, Pumba and Timon or even the villainous uncle himself, Scar!

The Lion King wing of the Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is very nice, some parts truly beautiful and no doubt many will enjoy being surrounded in the story of what for many is their favorite animated film of all time.  But following the words, The Lion King, can only be done with greatness and very few things in The Lion King’s courtyard inspired that sentiment within us at first glance.  Sure, seeing Mufasa on Pride Rock will always pull on our heart strings and the scale of the famous Lion King trio of Timon, Pumba and Simba in the courtyard is wonderful but this wing of the resort lacks anything dramatically special in the way the Finding Nemo wing and Cars wing of the resort achieve.  As the only wing of the resort lacking a pool area perhaps this is partly to blame but the courtyard lacks the kinetic flow and surplus of details and rich characters found throughout the Finding Nemo wing and the charm and escapism of Route 66 in the Cars Land wing.

Though, The Lion King courtyard didn’t quite match the level of greatness we’d hope for, there still are many Disney details that will delight all who come upon them.  And in this three-part-series we will take you for an in-depth tour of the newest wing of the Disney’s Art of Animation Resort that officially opens tomorrow (August 10, 2012).

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