Whatever is finally built should provide a nice visual end-cap to this area.

Fantasyland Tangled Walkway and Bathroom Construction Shows Lots of Progress

Though the Fantasyland Tangled themed Walkway and Bathrooms project has yet to be officially announced more and more signs are pointing towards that inevitability.  Images recently leaked to the internet showing off some of the plans to create restrooms with the Tangled theme.  Specifically it seems the area just outside the restrooms would include the floor-tile-sun that you might recall from the animated film.  Our own photos show a building that is progressing rapidly and looks to be one of the restroom locations.  Also of note is the addition of steel framework for the creation of rock work.  There have been rumblings of a waterfall and small walkway bridge included on the site and perhaps that is what the rock work will be for.  There is a ton more to show you just after the break in what is the most exciting update to this project since it all began.