The Little Mermaid’s New Home Brings Life Under the Sea to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

On our most recent trip to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort we toured the new Lion Ling wing.  But beyond the pride lands and under the sea lies yet another wing of the resort that is set to open later this year.  We are talking, The Little Mermaid wing at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and at first glance the courtyard looks like a ton of fun just like the Disney animated film that inspired it.  With larger than life representations of Ariel, Flounder, King Triton, Ursula and more this area of the resort will be an amazing treat to fans of the film.  But as with the Cars wing and the Finding Nemo wing of the resort, it is the plentiful details that make this wing of the resort, truly unique.  With swayed palm trees to look like wave-bent, under-water plants and incredibly ornate lighting fixtures that have a great nautical theme, it is easy to find something you’ve never quite seen before.  Join us for a beautiful 2-part preview of the construction of this last-to-open section of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

Stay Tuned For Part 2 Later Tonight!

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