Walt Disney World’s Pirates of the Caribbean Gets Beginnings of Next-Gen Queue Treatment

We recently visited one of our all-time favorite Disney attractions to find that Pirates clearly have decided that no queue is safe from their cannon fire and pillaging.  After all its what Pirates do.  Yes, canon balls embedded into the walls of our favorite fort, blown out chunks in archways and more tell the story that Pirates have been here.  These are all early signs of yet another Next-Gen queue that will soon join the ranks of the refurbished queue of the Haunted Mansion and the still to be unveiled elements of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’s queue.

Also of note is that Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom is set to go under refurbishment for a single day on Tuesday, October 9 and that would seem like a perfect amount of downtime in order to finish some or all the work that is required to get the coming effects operational.  Speaking of effects, as you will notice in our pictures there are several barrels with holes drilled in them that very much resemble the ones used to mask the cameras for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  While we don’t know if cameras will be in use or some other sensor it seems like a reasonable conclusion.  But before you know it we will know exactly what Disney intends for this space and we will let all you would be pirates in on their treasured queue secret.

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