Disney Releases Preview Video of Second Half of Enchanted Tales With Belle

Disney has released the second video previewing Enchanted Tales with Belle and it is a spoiler-alert-worthy doozy.  We are given a behind-the-scenes look at the all new attraction opening this fall as part of New Fantasyland which will allow guests to enter the Beast Castle Library for a magical retelling of the classic Disney tale, Beauty and the Beast.  Inside guests will find Madame Wardrobe and Lumiere (in a quite impressive animatronic form) and of course Belle herself.  But the simple Disney fun of this adventure will come for the little ones in your party as they are invited to re-enact various roles alongside Belle and help in the telling of the classic Disney adventure Beauty and the Beast.  So jump past the break and take a peek and let us know what you think about what Disney has created at this New Fantasyland attraction.