Tangled Fantasyland Walkway Bathrooms Beginning To Take Village Form

Fantasyland has been a major focus at Walt Disney World, with New Fantasyland set to transform our concept of what Fantasyland should look and feel like.  And yet as the finishing touches are placed on most of New Fantasyland, there has been another much smaller construction project within the existing realms of Fantasyland that will also play a role in changing Fantasyland forever.  We are talking about the Fantasyland Walkway that we now know (unofficially) will be themed around Disney’s Tangled and include bathrooms as well as an expanded walkway into Liberty Square.  The latter marks just the latest effort in hopes of improving guest flow through one of the most congested areas of the Magic Kingdom.

In this latest update you will see that construction on this site has progressed to show several clearly defined Tangled village buildings, that will house restrooms and also provide a visual endpoint for those making their way towards or through Peter Pan’s Flight and “it’s a small world.”  So click past the break and enjoy this latest update from Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.

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