Net Structures Expand To Surround Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and It’s Tough To Be A Bug – Part 2

The image of a netted Tree of Life is not exactly a good one for Disney’s Animal Kingdom but we hope our recent finding portends to something better for the park icon’s future.  After walking through trail after trail with covered walkways in an otherwise free and open-spaced park, we arrived to see a large bit of scaffolding now in place behind the Tree of Life and near the exit of  It’s Tough to be a Bug.  Although this could just be coincidence and be for general refurbishment purposes, our inclination is to believe that this area of construction is perhaps related to Disney’s response to the artificial limb that fell a few months ago from the Tree of Life.  Though we aren’t ones to speculate often, we hold out some hope that this is potentially the beginning of a more permanent solution that would allow the eventual removal of the nets.  What we might be seeing is the beginning of some sort of base that would allow Disney to access the Tree of Life’s branches for repair, but we are going to have to wait and see.  And see you must, just after the break.

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