Net Structures Expand To Surround Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and It’s Tough To Be A Bug

This past June we reported on the expansive net structures that were placed at Disney’s Animal Kingdom all around the base of the Tree of Life in response to an incident that saw one of the artificial tree limbs fall from above after a passing thunderstorm.  Though the incident happened away from guest areas it drew enough concern for Disney to construct these netting structures over all guests pathways in the immediate surroundings of the Animal Kingdom’s park icon.  While we still don’t know if these nets are more than semi-permanent we can now see that they have completely surrounded the Tree of Life and even covered the walkways into the It’s Tough to Be a Bug attraction.

The overabundance of nets where clear open views lay before is quite noticeable and the queue to It’s Tough to Be a Bug with its Tree of Life-roots-interwoven path has lost a ton of its charm in the process.  There are still many paths that are just boarded up with construction walls restricting access to still more unique views of the Tree of Life and it makes for an unseemly experience at the heart of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Still perhaps there are a few good signs of construction that may hint at a brighter future, though you’ll have to stick around until part two of this four-part series to see for yourself.  We will take you through every inch of the net structures to really give you a sense of just how much the area has changed and we’d love to know what you think, so make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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