Net Structures Surround Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Part 3

Captivity, the word itself goes against the principles of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but how else can you describe the nets that have been placed around the masterful piece of iconic art known as the Tree of Life.  Scenes that were designed to be inspiring and jaw dropping are now crippled by the netting that is in place.  Light poles feel out of sort thematically with nets right above them, the poles holding the nets change the views of animal carvings on the Tree of Life’s roots and even signs near It’s Tough To Be a Bug now no longer quite fit the way they used to sans the obstructions.  We are all for guest safety but if Disney doesn’t restore the Tree of Life to its natural state after making whatever repairs are deemed necessary, something seemingly small will be lost.  But of course it isn’t truly small for that open feel, the feeling of freedom is the essence of nature at its purest and truly what Disney’s Imagineers where able to capture when this park was built.  We are holding out hope that Disney is just as passionate about these things as we are but for now take a look at the changes that have made their way into the heart of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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