It is incredible how they can get such neat effects depending on how they shape and paint the rock work.

New Fantasyland’s Be Our Guest Restaurant to be First to Serve Alcohol at the Magic Kingdom

We all knew that New Fantasyland would change the heart of Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom forever but one major policy change tied to the new mini-land that we didn’t exactly see coming was announced just last week as Disney signaled that Be Our Guest Restaurant will be the first Magic Kingdom restaurant to serve alcoholic beverages.  Although the move changes Magic Kingdom’s dry-park status that has been in place since the park’s debut, we think it is a welcome addition to the fine-dining experience that will be available at Be Our Guest restaurant beginning on November 19, 2012.  The alcoholic beverages, served only during dinner, will include a large selection of wines from the famous wine regions of France, along with beers from France and Belgium.  You can preview the beer and wine lists below and of course let us know what you think about this significant change to Magic Kingdom’s offerings in the comments below.

Be Our Guest Beverage Menu