A Day of Celebration as Epcot Turns 30 – Part 2

Thirty years later we can all point to changes within Epcot.  In fact we can even point at the name of the park itself, once and still in the hearts many, EPCOT.  But if there is one sight that is as true and inspiring as it was so many years ago, it is Spaceship Earth.  That wonder that humankind created that never seems to age, dares us to ask what we can do with our lives and our spirits on this day and in the future.  But more than just a beacon of hope, it encapsulates our memories of Walt’s vision of EPCOT.  When we see Spaceship Earth, we see a task unfinished, for Walt’s dream for humanity was far larger than even an impressive geodesic dome and its surrounding theme park.  For some that is a sad reality but for so many others it is a call to action.  We hope you fall alongside us in the latter camp and are dreaming to create a better tomorrow.  Because the future begins with you and just in case you ever forget that, there is a beautiful park in central Florida that stands proudly to remind you.

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