A Day of Celebration as Epcot Turns 30 – Part 3

A picture is said to be as snapshot in time but a picture of Epcot seems to portend to more than just the moment in which it was captured.  It always seems far more forward looking and projects to a future reality still in our hearts and dreams.  It is why fans of Epcot always see more than just architectural and engineering marvels, more than classic attractions and experiences, they see what can be and what through the hard work of many to come, will be.

In Part 3 we truly begin our 30th Anniversary Day at Epcot and we hope we were able to grab the spirit of Epcot in our captures, so that you can release your many dreams onto them.  We wanted to show the heart of Epcot, both by showing you the way we always remember the park but also by showing you views that we often miss, in our usual excitement and rush to experience the park’s many offerings.  We’ll point out the various inclusions made just for the 30th Anniversary celebration while also making sure we bring you along with us for another incredible day at one of the world’s most beloved parks.

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