New Fantasyland Construction Moves Into October As Fantasyland Comes Together

New Fantasyland has been an amazing project to visit and revisit from start to now almost finished (no Seven Dwarfs Mine Train we haven’t forgotten about you).  But the story heading into October is how Fantasyland is coming together now into a holistic vision that blends old and new, in a dreamy world that can only exist at the Magic Kingdom.  Sure we have rising castles and castle spires but the even the most minute details in the existing parts of Fantasyland including painting the buildings in darker and more rich tones has dramatically changed the feel of Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.  When most of New Fantasyland opens this fall, walking through Fantasyland end, to end, will be a near seamless transition and that is due to the incredible thought and work put forth by Disney Imagineers and others working on this gargantuan project to bring some of Disney’s most beloved fairytales to life.

At Da Mouse we have brought you nearly every angle of the construction in hopes that you would enjoy some of the magic we felt when we were younger and watched as Splash Mountain or Tower of Terror grew before our very eyes.  It allowed us then to appreciate what years later became staple attractions and yet this is on an entirely different scale.  Magic Kingdom has become known as construction kingdom and it needs this project and in my opinion more.  But if there is anything to take away from the over 500 images that we will post in the coming days from New Fantasyland, it is that this project is indeed special and worthy of all the attention we have given it.  It may not be everything everyone ever wanted, or even everything it could have been but it will change the Magic Kingdom forever, in fact it already has.  So join us on our latest New Fantasyland Mega Adventure and enjoy!


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