New Fantasyland Construction Moves Into October As Fantasyland Comes Together – Part 3

The world of fantasy at the Magic Kingdom is growing ever larger by the day.  Whether it be the steel and concrete that one day will be the beautiful hillside mine shafts of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster, or the ocean-front castle of Prince Eric, it is difficult not to see just how magical a place this is going to be.  But before we make our way through to the adventures that await us we are greeted by pristine castle walls (that you may have heard we are big fans of) that foretell of the majesty of the stories that are soon to unfold.  Through simple archways and the more ornate features that surround them, they display a richness that warms the heart.  The wall spires pierce towards the sky and place our dreams amongst the clouds.  Sure the cynic might just see walls but their story is much larger than that.  Just like the attractions beyond their domain, they have begun to change the narrative about Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom and we’ve got 50 photos waiting for you that we think speak to just that.  Enjoy!

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