New Fantasyland Construction Moves Into October As Fantasyland Comes Together – Part 4

As we venture through the heart of New Fantasyland construction we arrive at the gates of a purple structure that looms over rocky mountainsides.  It sits high above the New Fantasyland vista and looks worthy of a king or perhaps even a beast.  And as construction continues on the bridge that leads to this charming and still foreboding castle, we can’t help but anticipate that soon we will all be able to enter for a grand time and even bigger feast.

But the construction story of New Fantasyland goes far and wide and into the depths of the French countryside.  Where taverns and bookstores get their final finishing details as they await their turn in the spotlight.  But let us not forget the rising mammoth in the center of it all which now has a lift hill and its first steel drop, oh and that is not all.  So let’s hurry forward through this whimsical tale for the stories have only begun and soon classic fairytales will have a place to call their own under the Florida sun.

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