New Fantasyland Construction Moves Into October As Fantasyland Comes Together – Part 5

To think that just a while back, this was nothing more than an idea.  Even with all the concept art and descriptions by Disney Imagineers and others it was often difficult to conceptualize just how grand a project this would all turn out to be.  And yet, before us stands what will be the greatest representation of turning concept to reality of the entire New Fantasyland expansion.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train site, with dueling cranes that float steel into an aerial dance that end up in a construction work of art, is truly a sight to see.  And though Disney Parks try to block as much of the construction as possible from guest view, there is a certain beauty to it all, that we certainly appreciate.  Whether it is the engineers and welders turning what was just lines on a paper into a physical structure, or the Imagineers who dreamed of the project and will be there in the end to place the finishing touches, or the cast members who will make it function on a daily basis, their hard work is where the true magic of Disney can be seen.  Sure we can all enjoy it when it is complete but knowing how it got there, makes it all the more special.  Because of that and more, we think you’ll love our next set of New Fantasyland photos and we hope our work honors the work of so many who build happiness that luckily many of us will get to enjoy.


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