New Fantasyland Construction Moves Into October As Fantasyland Comes Together – Part 7

For some, a visit to the Magic Kingdom without shopping within any of the overwhelming amount of retail experiences, would make for an incomplete trip.  The Emporium on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom, is the largest of these gift and souvenir-filled spaces but most often then not, most Disney guests would find it difficult to identify the second largest at the park.  Of course we are talking about none other than Big Top Souvenirs in Storybook Circus that is now open to guests and providing a completely reworked interior that improves upon its previous iteration in nearly every way.

From the moment you enter, everything is larger than life and yet much more intimate than it ever was before.  The aroma of candy apples floats to your senses and the charm of the detailed wooden animal cage caravan is striking.  But the impressiveness of the redesign doesn’t end there.  The displays are beautifully themed as circus elements with ladders making the perfect crutch for shelving.  And that candy apple smell we mentioned earlier isn’t without accompaniments.  You see the entire center area of the store has now given way to Big Top Treats that prepares and serves many of the same sweets as the Main Street Confectionary.  But there are a few unique sweets to savor including fresh caramel corn, special cupcakes and more!  But enough words, it is time for you to see it for yourself. Enjoy!


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